Is There Food?

by Daniel Woolstencroft

The Plan

I wrote four blog posts in 2010. Look:

Four. Bloody useless. What good is a blog with four posts in a year?

2011 is the year of rebooting the blog. Writing stuff that might actually be enjoyable for people to read. Broadening horizons and writing about more than just horror stuff. Maybe linking to - and reacting to - other articles. Blogging used to be about meaningful topics, trackbacks and community. Now it’s often an excuse to preach to thin air and murder the English language.

What I want this place to become is something like Daring Fireball. Not in terms of traffic or popularity - that’ll never happen. Almost certainly not in terms of the quality of the writing either. But a combination of enjoyable bits and pieces to read, and links and comments to other content on this great big Internet we call home.

I’m not going to commit to one a day. Partly because the initiative passed me by until several days into the year, and partly because, well, four posts last year…need I say more?

Some are doing, and good luck to them. In particular those nice Twitter folks Rachel Jackson and Evrim Ersoy. Not to sound defeatist, but there’s no chance in hell I’d manage one post a day so I take my hat off to them.

The final thought for today is from another Twitter acquaintance, Mysobscura:

#BBB really blogging = thoughts themed on yourself and interests, meaningful muses, comments, views - in proper sentences!

BBB is Bring Back Blogging. That’s the plan folks. That’s the plan.