Is There Food?

by Daniel Woolstencroft


I’ve totally lost track of the numbers of times I’ve changed the theme on this site. A lot. More than 5. Who knows.

What I do know is that lately, as in “for the last couple of years”, I’ve not written a great deal here. That’s not to say I’ve stopped writing entirely - I’ve posted things elsewhere - but I think I’ve lost track of what I started trying to do here, and what I was actually doing it for.

I noticed when I set this new theme up that there’s a tag cloud, by default. Usually I’d take them off, but this caught my attention. Why? Because the main tags were/are: Blog, Film, Games, Horror, Review, Technology, Zombies. The tags, for anyone that doesn’t know, will have been generated since the start of this blog, and it struck me: I’m so far away from where I used to. I need to get back on track.

So, from now on I’m reining everything in. To hell with splitting content depending on where it’s going, worrying about upsetting readers by posting things they might not be interested (it’s not like a blog that’s laid pretty much dormant for so long can have that many regular readers anyway). I’m just going to throw everything on here and see where it takes me.

I’m still going to post film reviews (still?), I’m going to write about technology, and I’m probably going to write about apps. Apologies if I post something that you’re not interested in, skip it and read the stuff you like. I can’t believe I’m the only guy in the world with a deep love of film and technology, so hopefully this won’t be too jarring a mix for people.

Final note: the new theme Wu Wei by Jeff Ngan (with a few tweaks by me to add the movie posters in). Jeff’s done a great job on it, and I wanted something that would make me try to focus on my writing as opposed to tweaking bits and pieces in the sidebar, or the header, or blah blah CONCENTRATE ON YOUR WRITING, DAMN IT!

Moving on then…