Is There Food?

by Daniel Woolstencroft

It’s always the apple folk

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It’s interesting to me that people write posts like this about the iPhone:

The iPhone is the most useful computer in the world.

Everything quoted is possible on an Android device, or some other smartphone, but it’s the Apple guys, the iPhone and iPad users, that seem to tap into the emotional aspects of owning such a powerful device.

I’ve been using an Android device for a few days now, and while I like some of the power-user (read: geek) functionality you can tap into, I don’t feel an emotional attachment like I did my iPhone.

I’ve been meaning to write something expressing the wonder of carrying such a powerful device around with you, but Chuck Skoda pretty much sums it up perfectly. Albeit with a focus on the wonder of Apple.

Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll be waxing lyrical about my Nexus S. Somehow I doubt it.