That’s me. Obviously, now I think about it. Who else would I stick a picture of on this page?

Welcome to my blog. You can call me Dan, Daniel, or just another guy with a blog.


This blog is currently powered by Statamic. It’s an awesome combination of PHP powered pages, Markdown powered content, and a fantastic templating engine making use of YAML and other exciting acronyms. Past public iterations of Is There Food have run on WordPress and Second Crack, and believe me I’ve hacked about with more in the background (Jeckyll, Octopress, Pelican, and more). Statamic does exactly what I want for now, and is improving every day. Their recent 1.5 release is a fantastic piece of software.


In terms of how to get content on the site, I have a nifty Dropbox setup that syncs new content (as Markdown files) up to a web server and Statmic does the rest. The smart caching built into the latest Statmic release means everything runs nice and fast. And the beauty of Dropbox is that there are huge numbers of mobile and web based applications that can be used to generate Markdown content. Image uploading can be done from any of the mobile apps. It’s a streamlined, efficient, painless way of getting content onto the web.

As for what’s going to appear here: this site’s going to feature pretty much everything I write from here on out. Expect to see film reviews, technology pieces, app reviews, and some more personal content too. Probably much more of the latter as I’ve had an interesting year so far.


I tend to write on three different platforms: my iPhone, iPad, and a MacBook Air 13”. My day job is Microsoft .Net development, and so it’s rewarding to use the Apple platform for my personal stuff. I’m often accused of being a fanboy. But then I’ve been accused of being much worse.


From time to time I’ve written for magazine site Blogomatic 3000 - or Nerdly, as they’re now known - and I contributed several posts to Blogcritics in the past (as well as acting as their Technology Editor for a period of time).

You’ll probably come across me in other parts of the web too. I’m fairly active on Twitter, have been known to post to Flickr from time to time, and am currently playing with Google+.

I’m on Google Plus, and I’m also on Twitter, if you’d like to follow me there.


Thanks for reading. If you’ve enjoyed, disagreed with, or been angered by anything on this site, please do get in touch. It’s the best way to let me know you’re out there, and that really does mean an awful lot.