Is There Food?

by Daniel Woolstencroft

Back to WebFaction

Is There Food is back with WebFaction after a few years away. And it’s good to be back. I’ve had to raise a couple of support tickets so far - all user related I should add, I’ve had zero problems - and the response has been almost instant.

Moving a Statamic site from one host to the other is ludicrously straightforward. There’s no database to worry about, so I’ve literally been able to copy the files from one host to the other. I’m hoping WebFaction will continue to give me the ability to run Dropbox for syncing new posts, but Statamic’s control panel will still allow me to post content in the meantime. I’m also looking at using iOS text editor of the moment Editorial to write new posts directly in Markdown, then FTP them up to WebFaction using some of Editorial’s python flavoured secret sauce.

I’ve recently been looking at Dropbox alternatives too, but the iOS text editing market hasn’t embraced Google Drive, or Cubby, or any of the numerous other cloud sync applications in the same way as the have Dropbox. Maybe some IFTTT automation could help.

And I haven’t forgotten the enormous tease from the previous post. I’m planning a whole series of posts on that particular mystery topic and the first one will be online soon.