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  1. Brutal As Hell have posted a FrightFest press release containing a few choice nuggests about this year’s festival. Specifically the opening and closing films: interesting psychological thriller The Seasoning House, and cool sounding snipe-em-up Tower Block.

    The only other explicit mention is Spanish zombie prequel [REC]3:Genesis. Which, as you might have guessed, I’m hugely looking forward to.

    It wouldn’t be a FrightFest release without a couple of teases though:

    Expect a lot of very famous Italians to be in attendance throughout the August Bank Holiday weekend as our line-up will be reflecting the genre resurgence in that country. No clues, but do try to remember I am launching the updated edition of my FAB Press book on Dario Argento “The Man, the Myth and the Magic” at FrightFest!

    So, can we expect Dario himself to make an appearance with his new Dracula 3D project? And will it be received in similar fashion to his Giallo from a few years past?

    Other hints? There’s the anthology you want to see, the best Halloween 2012 release, the greatest serial killer thriller since HENRY and this year’s AMER.

    So hopefully V/H/S, Sinister (although festival friend Adam Gierasch appears to have a new offering called Schism due out around then, and there’s Paranormal Activity 4, but I doubt they’d show that), and the Maniac remake. I have no idea what this year’s Amer could be…

    That should get you all into the FrightFest the 13th spirit ready for the Thursday August 23rd kick off and we’re so excited about the whole event I’m not sure we’ll be able to contain all the secrets until then. Sod it, here’s another… what’s the one controversial monster movie you’d love to see the complete version of? We have that too.

    The final tease could potentially suggest something I’ve wanted to see for a very, very long time: the restored Cabal Cut of Nightbreed!

    The next batch of FrightFest news should break on the 29th of June when the full line-up is revealed, followed by ticket sales on the 30th. Hopefully I’ll be picking up a full season pass again this year and I’ll try to be a good little blogger and post thoughts on each film I get to see.

    Until then!